Sunday, May 14, 2017

Dr. Barlow J. Smith's Caloric Vita Oil

Here's an interesting western cure that I have never heard of.


Anyone ever run across this bottle or have one in their collection 

 - rs -


  1. This medicine was trademarked in 1881.I believe it may have been produced for less than a year as this is the only example I have ever seen. It is very crude for a tooled top...similar to the Grattan's in character. Maybe someone else can actually comment as it seems like few do anymore. Sharing information and western bottles would seem to be a fun experience.

  2. A friend of mine found one at a yard sale about 3 months ago somewhere near placerville That's the first one I had seen I don't know anything more !!!!!! MAX

  3. Their definitely found in Santa Rosa. Over the years I've dug 3-4 one was clear the others aqua.

    1. Looking at the comments on this post it appears there are 6 or 7 examples of the Caloric Oil with most of them coming from the Santa Rosa area. Good stuff folks! Thanks for the input - rs -