Thursday, September 8, 2016

From Charles Festersen

Can anyone provide information concerning a relationship between the Wormser and Mist of the Morning Barrels? 



  1. Probably the better comparison would be the other variant of the Mist of the Morning barrel which very closely resembles the Wormser Bros barrel motif.

    1. Yes, Warren, of course you are correct. Probably the first, and oldest, Barnett & Lumley Mist of the Morning Barrel had complete barrel rings, The second variant (pictured) had the rings modified to, I assume, make room for a label. The third variant had "Sole Agent" peened out and replaced with "S. M." and the name "Lumley" changed to "Company". As you state, it is the first variant that bears the closest resemblance to the Wormser barrel. I will try to add a photograph of the first variant. Also, Warren, could you please expound on your theory that the glass and mold of the Wormser barrel appear to be other than western in origin? It seems your observations are at least, in part, relevant evidence as to why an eastern and western bottle share such similarity.