Sunday, January 17, 2016

From a Peachridge Glass Post

Celebrated Crown Bitters – F. Chevalier Sole Agent

Ferd, here are a few photographs of the “CELEBRATED CROWN BITTERS.” In the January-February issue of BOTTLES and EXTRAS there was a great article on Ken Schwartz Whiskey collection. Below the stained glass sign for “Old Castle Whiskey” was the name of the company, F. Chevalier & CO. I have a rare bitters I purchased from a Port Angeles Washington dealer a couple of years ago. It is the “CELEBRATED CROWN BITTERS, F. CHEVALIER & CO. SOLE AGENTS. Bill Ham has it in his Bitters Bottles Supplement as C93 and listed as rare? I believe it is extremely rare. I have only seen one other? It is in a red amber, like the western Lash’s Bitters (see below). Sorry I could not get better pictures. You will have to look close to see Celebrated Crown Bitters and F. Chevalier Sole Agent embossings.
Best Regards. Gary Beatty
I would venture to say that there are more than 30 of the Celebrated Crown Bitters in collections. What say you western collectors? - rs -


  1. I had accounted for at least 15 examples many years ago. It doesn't seem to be a bottle that shows up much any more at bottle shows though.

  2. I believe there are at least 30-40 examples in collections. Some are very crude and all seem to range from a reddish amber to regular amber. I personally have not seen an example in yellow or olive. Still a nice western bitters.

  3. Would like to post a photo of my F. Chevalier "Celebrated Crown Bitters" to share with you but can't figure out how to do it. The bottle is a nice honey-amber to yellow from bottom to top. It is a dug bottle with some issues, but it has great character, color and crudeness.

  4. Richard;
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