Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Crystal Soda Water

Hi Rick -
 I am hoping to get a little help when it comes to actual examples and rarity of the Crystal Soda Water bottles. I have always liked them due to the different shapes, bases, crudity, colors, and rarity. I have attached
just a random photo of 6 of the 12 I have, but am really looking for some help regarding actual examples out there that may or may not exist. There are six that I am not sure exist because I haven't seen them yet or even heard of one.
 Hopefully readers of WBN can give me help. Here are the examples of the Crystal Soda Water bottles I am looking for: 1) Blob variant with "Taylor's" embossed on the reverse in aqua and greens, 2) Collared variant with "Taylor's" embossed on the reverse in greens, and 3) Collared variant without the "Taylor's" in aqua, blues, and
greens. Does anyone out there know if these bottles exist? If so, I am always looking to add to my collection.
Mike Southworth   SUVGOLD2@yahoo.com

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