Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Few More Reno Acquisitions

Here's a few more pictures of recent acquisitions from the 2015 Reno Bottle Show.
Beautiful and rare Cutter Star Shield Flask

Nice Light Colored Large Circle Miller's Extra Flask

Stunning Alex Von Humbolt's Stomach Bitters
From the feedback I have received the 2015 Reno Show was a buyers market with dozens of desirable western bottles in several categories at fair prices. Sure wish I could have attended this year's show. Thanks to raptor6604 and westernglassaddict for these fine pictures - rs -


  1. Wow, I must have been at the wrong Reno bottle show ! Aside from an aqua Wonsers, incredible light yellow Drakes, and a few great colored sodas priced at 5x market value, there really wasn't anything offered to the public. Maybe I'm blind, who knows, but that's all I saw. Aside from bottles, it was a great show !