Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Bottles for Sale Site

Jeff Wichmann over at American Bottle Auctions has opened a new Bottle Sale Site.

You can find Jeff's site HERE
Lots of interesting stuff over at Jeff's site but not sure if the prices are fixed or you can make an offer on what's for sale
Take a look at Jeff's new site - rs -


  1. Looked at the posting just minutes after the green Cunderango was listed for sale, but it was already gone. Been trying to score one for sometime now and missed two within the last month! You gotta be quick to get the deals!

  2. Jeff's new "for sale" format is a fun addition to the many sources of nice glass. The prices seem quite reasonable on many items too. You just never know what will be listed next and must be quick to pull the trigger. I believe one can make an offer after the item has gone unsold for a period of time. I am sure this will be clarified. the "buy now" or "make offer" option has proven to be extremely popular for me on my website, oregontrailantiquebottles.com, and provides seller and buyer to come to terms on selling price. Dale Mlasko