Friday, November 14, 2014

Early SF Pot

Here is an early looking pot dug in San Francisco. I have only dug the City a few times so this may be a relatively common pharmacy piece.
 I have not seen one before. Any thoughts on it's age and scarcity?
 Thanks! DM

From Bruce Silva:

This piece has some damage to the reverse, but it's a rare piece. I found reference to him as far back as 1854 directory, and in the 1857 S. F. directory at this address. I believe this to be an early and historically significant S. F. piece

From western researcher Eric McGuire:

I dug in the City for years and only found one Chevallier pot, and I have seen another. The two attached items pretty much sum up his life in a really shortened form.
Interesting advertisements from Eric - maybe we should be looking in Southern California for the Chevallier artifacts - rs -


  1. I would say it's a very rare piece. Having dug in the Bay Area and City for quite a number of years, I've never seen one of these. My second thought after seeing the photo, was.... is this pot related to the 1880's cobalt Chevallier Hair bottles that have been dug in the West ?? Same guy ?? Do those have a double "L" too ? Cant recall.....

  2. Oops, forgot to document the two newspaper articles. Both are from the L.A. Herald. The first is from 1875 and ran almost daily for over a year. The second is 1886.