Monday, September 22, 2014

A Recent Acquistion

Wow! look at this beauty that just came out of the ground
No info on this anonymous contribution
- rs -

All cleaned up and ready to display


  1. That's one mean looking Wonser's! How many are known in such a dark, near black glass coloration?

  2. WoW! is it olive, black glass or really dark old amber?

  3. Congratulations on acquisition. Anymore out there?

  4. I would like to propose a trade by offering the following for the pictured Dr. Wonser's:

    -1 dozen western blob sodas
    -1 American eagle gold coin
    -1 J.F. Cutter shot glass
    -1 used 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd.
    -1 2015 2nd round NFL Draft Pick
    -1 used, but lucky digging shovel
    -1 Left pinky finger
    -1 "I Owe You" post- it note for a bottle to be named later
    -1 classy "Thank you" note

    A guy can try, right?

  5. Incredible, the year of the bitters. Someone is setting records this year !