Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dr. Renz's Bitters "Hat Trick"

The Dr. Renz's Herb Bitters are one of my favorite western square bitters. These historic bitters had quite a long production run from 1868 through most of the 1880's. While not rare, the challenge of putting a grouping together in the better colors can certainly be difficult. For quite some time, I set a goal of either acquiring, or digging green examples of each variant. This was not as easy as I thought it would be, but eventually the planet's aligned and there is now a green example of each version in my bitters collection. There have been numerous posts regarding history of  the Renz's so I will not duplicate it here.
It was fairly easy to add the earliest Renz...the small letter version, as these come in green tones more often than not. The dark ambers are probably the most rare colors for this bottle, though not as attractive. The "straight letter" second Renz, was fairly difficult to obtain in mint condition. It also seems that these typically come with a large blocky profile top, where the small letter comes in a wide array of lip treatments. The third, and "curved R" Renz was also pretty tough to find, although I believe the most difficult variant to find in green is the second type. Interesting to note, that the third Renz almost always comes with a more narrow applied top than the others.
Anyway, while it might not be a monumental feat in western bitters collecting, having all three Renz's in green makes me happy. It seems that I am a sucker for any western made bottle in any shade of green. DM


  1. Great group of Renz's, Dale! I also saw a grouping of killer green Renz's at a recent bottle get-together in Nor Cal. I always appreciate those that share rare items from their personal collections, either in a photo series on the web, public displays at shows, show & tell at gatherings or private showings in homes. Most of us realize we can't have it all, so seeing what's out there in other collections is second best. Thanks to you and all others that share their treasures here.

  2. for all of us who can't get out to see bottles at shows,thanks for all the pictures and stories about the bottles we all enjoy!