Monday, April 15, 2013

Just a Few Pictures

Beautiful yellow green Lacour's bitters
Rare Dr. Boerhaave's in a stunning what looks like a dark ginger ale (?) color
The Wormser barrel in a greenish yellow color. I think this is the only Wormser barrel known in this color
Go here to see a review of the Golden Gate Bottle Club's April 12 & 13th Antioch bottle show by American Bottle Auctions Jeff Wichmann


  1. nice colors hope to find a embossed whiskey some day in this color,,, i know the plain ones don't count. but it sure was fun digging them and not knowing what it was going to be.

  2. Pretty difficult to put together such nice examples of these three bottles.

  3. You got that right!! when there are only 6-7 known examples of the Boerhaaves Bitters and 15 or so of the wormsers of which I believe there is only one known in green. and the green La cours sold for 10,000 dollars in 1995. You have got to be super rich and VERY luck to get even amber examples of these, so enjoy the pics cause thats as close as most collectors are gonna get!!!