Sunday, July 1, 2012

What The...

Here is one which just came out of the ground yesterday. It came from 1870s context and was inches away from an 1870s western blown spice. I have never seen one like it and it looks soooo western blown and crude. I do not read spanish, but from what I can decipher, it is a medicine, and a phosphate emulsion of some kind. The embossing reads; " S..A.Droguera Universal Mexico" ( front panel)." Emulsional Maraz" ( left panel), "Con Hipoffitos" ( right panel). The top is applied, and is a tapered collar style. This oddity looks to be 1870s and is very whittled and a fire aqua. Any thoughts? Dale M.


  1. A great looking med that I have never heard of and it is anyones guess on how it got to your part of the country.

  2. Neat bottle ! I've dug American-blown Mexican Drug store bottles and hutch sodas, but hadnt seen a Patent-style medi.
    I think you have a Spanish version of the Scott's Emulsion Hypophosfates. I did find on Google, a Dr Don Anastasio Almaraz in Salamanca (Western Spain), that was associated w/ this product and a mention of Scott's in the same article. The Scott's product seems to go back to the mid 1870's (Scott & Browne first sold it in NYC 1876).