Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday Morning

 Cathedral Pepper Sauce, Simmon's Nabob Whiskey, Open Pontil food, Cutter OK Whisky, Espy Phil. Sauce bottle, Reed & Carnrick and a Forest Lawn whiskey 
It's such a beautiful spring morning here in the mountains I thought I would post a couple of pictures. Here's the view from my office window looking south towards the Downie River. I hope all of you fellow bottle collectors are enjoying this morning as much as I am....... See you at Reno next month.

And of course we can't forget the meds.......Here's a picture for all of us Western Med Heads                       
Dr. J.J. McBride World's Relief, Garland's Cough Drops and Dr. J.J. McBride King of Pain


Oh, Nice job Lou on finding the green non circle IXL. Good things happen to good folks!

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  1. Nice early glass and that incredable view out your window in that killer little Gold Rush town. It don't get much better in gods country, your a lucky man........