Friday, November 11, 2011


It's funny how things sometimes happen. Coming up on December 3rd & 4th the 49er bottle club is holding their annual show and sale in Auburn California. The feature attraction is "A NON COMPETITIVE GROUP DISPLAY IN TWO CATEGORIES, LONDON JOCKEY CLUBHOUSE GINS AND WISTERS CLUB HOUSE BOTTLES".
It just so happens a couple of local boys, this past week, hit a monster 1850's - 1860's privy here in the gold country. It wasn't luck...... they have been probing and digging this area of the gold country for the last couple of years. As they say "persistence pays off" and in this case it payed off big time....
Included in the whole non damaged bottles were:
3 - Wistar's Clubhouse Gins
2 - Jockey Clubhouse Gins
2 - W.S.C. Clubhouse Gins
2 - J.T. Daly Clubhouse Gins
2 - Von Thofen's Aromatic Schnapps (small size)
1 - Black Glass Hostetter's

Wistar's & Jockey Clubs

Some of the tear jerkers included over a dozen broken Jockey Clubhouse Gins, 20 Aromatic Schnapps ( including Udolpho Wolfe's and Von Thofen's) over 2 dozen Wistar's Clubhouse and more than 30 J.T Daly and W.S.C. gins.
Congratulations guys on an awesome dig! 


  1. dug one many years ago in portland,oregon. all 1850-1860 hole. mine has a pontiel.
    three embossed panels.

    wilson fairbanks & co.

    for medical purposes only

    pure bourbon whiskey

    never could determine where it was from.
    anybody know???

  2. Good job, WOW. Any layer shots ?? Can't say I'm not jealous !!!!!!!!!

  3. Super finds! Must have been a real rush digging out all those gold rush squares!
    How about putting on a California Clubhouse & Old Woodburn display next year at Auburn?? Maybe it's the secret ingredient needed for the soil to loosen it's grip on certain bottles....

  4. Great dig, love those squares, a big congratulations! It’s nice to see others willing to share their finds too. Another persistent digger also hit pay dirt this month liberating numerous embossed Western 5ths & flask from a monster privy. Pics to follow on the whiskey site..........
    Golden Plantation

  5. Wow... Now that's a pretty site! Congrats to the diggers... Was trying to stir up a few myself for the show but ended up with this... Lots a rock...


  6. DIG OF THE YEAR. Fabulous boys! I also did hear about a loaded 80s/90s privy full of whiskies that was just dug. Don't know who dug it, but we're all awaiting the pics.

  7. Clubhouse Super Diggers,
    All I can say is WOW and Way To Go Guys! One of the best producing holes in along time! Can't wait to see the finds in person at Auburn. Congratulations and thanks for sharing!!
    Denny Bray

  8. spectacular boys, could be the dig of the decade!! how rare are the wistars, how many examples of each color known?

  9. Awesome, Thanks for Sharing Senior Reek, I like that Schnapps, what a fun dig that must have been. How big was the pit? Rick aka Dr.Barnes

  10. The wisters are super rare. Spelled wisters not wistars like the pine tree cordial. A common mistake. I know of 15 examples with about half of those being green. Come to the Auburn show and see the display. We hope to have most of them there. MAX

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