Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More Retro Pictures

Here are some photos of a once in a lifetime dig.
The pressure around Grass Valley Digging was too intense in 1991 so we moved on to greener pastures. Little did we know what a great decision that would be. We dug several holes and a large dump. The 1st hole under the rock cap yielded a Daly’s and a pontilled Lediards stomach bitters.

Things got better as we opened up a large dump in the commercial zone. The 1st picture shows the outline of a metal 5 gallon bucket with the ends of 3 sages pacific congress waters showing. All total 14 rolled out in about 10 minutes and I was too excited to get more photos. When I came to I was able to photograph a Green Cunderango in the layer and then a small letter Renz’s.

That was not everything and I have more photos of old digs but I don't want to bore everyone with my stories
Cal 49er MAX BELL


  1. Incredible Max! These vintage photos are amazing to see. It sure gets the digging juices flowing! This is what it is all about, and re- living the excitement of these digs which ocurred at a time when we thought it would never end...realizing that these photos were from 20-40 years ago! Please keep the vintage photos coming...I am sure not tired of seeing them! Dale Mlasko

  2. I recall some of those exciting digs from the "olden daze". Might even have a photo or three around here, too.

  3. Who could possibly be bored?..robgarb.

  4. Amazing dig, congrats. Can't wait to see more!