Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Few More 1860s Western Extracts

Here are three of my favorite early extracts. Like most people who dig for bottles, I find them quite frequently. The Smith & Davis was found among open pontiled wines, and medicines. It has a tooled top, but is actually one of Oregon's earliest embossed bottles.It is likely eastern made, and is early 1860s. The Low's is extremely crude, and barely stands up. it is full of champagne bubbles, and was recently dug in a small pit which also contained open pontiled pickles, and utilities.I believe it is western blown, circa 1867. Both of these examples have tooled tops. The Langley's looks similar to Andrew's example, and has the large applied top. I have seen these little extracts in yellow tone to deep canary yellow, shades of light green, and with a purple tint. This is a great way to put together a nice color run without needing a second mortgage.

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  1. There are other Smith & Davis variants/varieties listed at the Historic Bottle Website ( ) such as this old citrate: