Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2012 expo

Who wants to do a seminar at the 2012 Reno expo ? Contact Marty Hall or Richard Siri .I don't know how many of you out there have seen the gazebo display used at the Santa Rosa show. It's a big dislay and could house many various Western Bottles I think we could get it hauled to Reno if there is enought interest . It would be a joint dislay not judged . I thnk it would be remembered like the Weaverville Window.
Another thing if western folks want to see western bottle articles in the FOHBC magazine they need to write some and submit them to the new editor .You don't have to go through June Lowry ,submit them direct to the editor . I don't think at this time other than Eric McGuire anyone has sent in anything western to be printed . You can't fault the Fohbc for not having anything western if nothing western gets submitted .RTS


  1. I'll have to agree with RTS. If nothing western is submitted to the FOHBC magazine we won't be seeing any content aimed at the left coast.

  2. The gazebo display sounds like a great idea!

    As far as seminars go, I could "try" to attempt one on western sodas, unembossed western cyliners/flasks, or Cutter whiskeys, but I'd be much more interested in listening to someone who has more experience and knowledge on those subjects. Here are a few thoughts on SOME seminar topics and presenters who I would love to listen to:

    Western Flasks: Jon, Ralph, and Dale
    S.F. Glasshouses/manufacturing: Warren and Eric
    Western Sodas: Kenny Salazar, Tom Jacobs, and Mike Southworth
    Cutters: Richard Siri, Mike Dolcini
    Western Beers: Tom Jacobs, Don Mullaly
    Sierra History: Rick Simi
    Top Western fifths: Richard, Ken Schwartz, Dennis E., and Denny Bray

    As for the articles, the more we put into the magazine the better it will be!