Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Glass Works After the Earthquake.

Courtesy of University of Southern California's digital archives library.

Here are two pictures of the Pacific Coast Glass Co that emerged after the ending of the S.F. & Pacific Glass Works in 1900. Pacific Coast Glass Works were started by Carlton Newman's son George in 1902 and ran thru 1925. These pictures were taken by Charles Pierce a San Francisco photographer just after the 1906 earthquake.
This was the glass works responsible for such bitters bottles as Marshall's Bitters, Star Kidney and Liver Bitters, Wait's Wild Cherry Tonic, Wait's Kidney and Liver Bitters, Lash's Liver Bitters, Wm. Johnson's Pure Herb Tonic Sure Cure for All Malarial Diseases and other collectible "squares".
A glassblower who was 90 years old in the early '70's was interviewed and he said that they were still blowing glass bottles by hand at this glass works when he worked there.

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